Mascara Issues? Go to Japan.

I recently hit on a very cool secret that other beauty bloggers have been talking about....  It all began with a short article about some wacky Avon mascara that comes in a large brush that you use to paint your lashes.  Whaaaat?  Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either!  So after reading about it, I scrolled down the page and saw an article on the top drug store items you should know about from Japan.  Japan?  Yep.  The item that stood out was mascara.

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And it makes sense.....

If you have trouble keeping your mascara on your lashes (oily skin or hooded lids), need length added (lashes shortened over time or they were cut off because you used your eyelash curler with mascara still stuck to it.... Who me?), or have straight lashes (stick straight) then this mascara post is for YOU.

Japanese mascaras are formulated specifically to deal with those issues.  And they sell them at drug store prices.  Did you know that Shiseido even makes a drug store line there called Majolica Majorica?  Yeah, that name is wacky I know.... I'm dying to try it, but the lowest price I can find so far is around $15.

I set out to find a few of these mascara brands and found that the prices are hiked up if you are shopping locally.  However, you CAN still find a few deals on Amazon if you are okay with waiting for them to ship overseas.  I was able to find one called:  Heroine Make, by Isehan, volume and curl mascara for $8.  I am still waiting to hear back from a few travelers that are supposedly bringing me back a few other brands to try.  The pictures below will show the wand style and packaging of the mascara I am trying out.

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Heroine Make:

I can definitely say that this mascara stays put!  The wand lets me separate and define every little lash, and there are fibers in the formulation so each lash is longer as I add a few layers (several high end lines use this shape:  Lancôme, Clinique, and Bobbi Brown to name a few).  It doesn't come off with soap and water so you need a good eye makeup remover (Loreal is my fave).  The one warning I have is that it dries pretty fast so you have to apply quickly.

Overall, Heroine Make is different from any other drugstore mascara I have tried.  It is a natural mascara, so if you are looking for spider lashes this isn't for you.

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